[Stonechats 11] Singing with Crystal Hosea

Marjorie, Jennifer and Miriam are joined today with Crystal Hosea, creator of Legends of the Staff of Musique, a comprehensive music curriculum inspired by the unique environment of home education, and incorporating movement and art alongside the voice.

  • Introduction - Crystal explains how Legends of the Staff of Musique explores music in a holistic way through singing and movement.
  • 3:50 - How do you bring singing to your children if you are not a confident singer yourself?
  • 6:33  - If you feel you sing off-key all the time, should you still sing to your children or will you be teaching them to sing off-key?
  • 8:30 - How do you incorporate singing into your day rather than having it just be a lesson time?
  • 15:00 - What is the purpose of learning folksongs versus pop songs and what is, any is your personal preference?
  • 24:45 - What if your child of whatever age is resistant to singing and think it's lame or dumb?
  • 38:30 - How is brain development affected by singing?
  • 43:40 - Why did you incorporate art into your music curriculum, Legends of the Staff Musique
  • 49:30 - Nature Minutes