Wildwood Curriculum is truly a group effort and we are proud to introduce you to people who are volunteering hundreds of hours behind the scenes to make this dream a reality.


Marjorie Lang

Marjorie has been homeschooling since 2001.   She met and married her husband while they were both in the US Navy in 1994.  They have a blended family and while most of their children are now adults, they had an unexpected surprise blessing and are beginning their homeschool journey all over again with their youngest daughter.

Marjorie is sold on the Charlotte Mason lifestyle and strives to make it accessible to everyone, regardless of personal beliefs or cultural background.

Follow her at www.juniperpines.com

Jennifer Gehman

Jennifer is a homeschooling mother of five children – three have graduated from homeschool to post-secondary, and two are still learning in the living room.  She has been using a Charlotte Mason approach since the beginning.

Follow her at connectionsforlearning.ca


Laurie Connor

Krista Baker


Jodi Clark

Jen Boettger Boring

Clara Elliot

Sara Eiche

Miriam Hur



Rachel Lebowitz and Ruk Martin

Rachel and Ruk were part of the initial team that created Wildwood and they made significant contributions to Form I.  They have now embarked on a new adventure with A Charlotte Mason Plenary, where they provide courses and resources to help people understand and apply Charlotte Mason’s original ideas.


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