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[Stonechats 3] Living Books

Today we muse on living books. We talk about the definition of a living book, why we offer so many options at Wildwood, how we personally pick books for the curriculum, and how we think you should pick them for yur home.

[Stonechats Teaser] Wildwood Stonechats Teaser

A short teaser for our upcoming podcast where Marjorie Lang, co-creator of Wildwood Curriculum, muses on the differences between a Charlotte Mason education and a Waldorf approach.

For all episodes, check out our playlist.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Full Play
Full Play at Gutenberg
A Midsummer Night’s Dream on Wikipedia

FILM: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1968) with Helen Mirren (YT)

FILM: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1999) with Kevin Kline (CSM review)

STAGE: Presented by Rice University Department of Visual and Dramatic Arts

ANIMATION: BBC Shakespeare Animated Tales – A Midsummer’s Night Dream

AUDIO: Librivox’s audiobook, unabridged version of A Midsummer’s Night Dream

A Quick Tour of Traditional Eastern Asian Music


Keliwali (in the melodic mode of kastori) by Mohammad Omar (The Virtuoso from Afghanistan)


See Lesson Segment #1 here: https://folkways.si.edu/afghan-rubab-lion-instruments/kabuli/music/tools-for-teaching/smithsonian

Read CD liner notes here: https://folkways-media.si.edu/liner_notes/smithsonian_folkways/SFW40439.pdf


The Gallop of Jonon Khar


See the lesson plan here: https://folkways.si.edu/hooves-on-steppes-morin-huur-mongolia/throat-singing/music/tools-for-teaching/smithsonian

See CD liner notes pages 1-12 and page 20 here: https://folkways-media.si.edu/liner_notes/smithsonian_folkways/SFW40438.pdf


Bageshwari (A Traditional Sitar Baga) · Shamim Ahmed


See the lesson plan here: https://folkways.si.edu/indian-sitar/classical/music/tools-for-teaching/smithsonian

CD Liner notes here: https://folkways-media.si.edu/liner_notes/monitor/MON00489.pdf


Shintaro San of the Mountain


Lesson Plan Section #1: https://folkways.si.edu/shintaro-san-of-the-mountain-mountains-minyo-and-japanese-culture/tools-for-teaching/smithsonian

CD Liner notes here: https://folkways-media.si.edu/liner_notes/folkways/FW04534.pdf



Moonlight on the Ching Yang River written by Yu Shinan


Lesson Plan Section #1 = https://folkways.si.edu/discovering-east-china-elementary-school/lullaby-vocal-outdoor-solo-programmatic/music/tools-for-teaching/smithsonian

CD Liner notes: https://folkways-media.si.edu/liner_notes/folkways/FW06812.pdf

Note: “Moonlight on the Ching Yang ( Xun_vang) River” (2:02). This piece dates from the Tang dynasty and is attributed to Yu Shinan. The pipa and the erhu play much of the main melodic line in unison. The Xiao  embellishes the melody and  ornaments some of the longer notes. This is a performance of Jiangnan fichu by an early touring group from Shanghai. ~The Concise Garland Encyclopedia of World Music


Kepandung Sita by Sekaa Kecak Puspita Jaya


Lesson Plan Segment #3 here: https://folkways.si.edu/vocal-elysia-indonesia/lullabies-world/music/tools-for-teaching/smithsonian

CD Liner Section F here:https://folkways-media.si.edu/liner_notes/hart/HRT15021.pdf

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