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[Stonechats 7] Writing (extended)

Marjorie and Jennifer share with Miriam an overview of Miss Mason’s approach to writing and then tell their personal stories of struggle in the difficult area of composition.

[Stonechats 6] High School

Marjorie and Jennifer reflect back on what a CM education looked like for their high school students.

[Stonechats 5] Grammar Thoughts

Miriam wonders why Wildwood introduces the study of formal grammar later than many other approaches.

[Stonechats 4] Ahead and Behind

Today we muse on what it means to use a CM education with advanced and struggling children, and eventually reflect on how we can reframe what it means to be ahead or behind.

[Stonechats 3] Living Books

Today we muse on living books. We talk about the definition of a living book, why we offer so many options at Wildwood, how we personally pick books for the curriculum, and how we think you should pick them for yur home.

[Stonechats 2] More about What is a Charlotte Mason Education?

Marjorie, Jennifer and Miriam continue to discuss what constituents a Charlotte Mason education.

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[Stonechats 1] What is a Charlotte Mason Education?

On today’s podcast, we talk about some of the overall features of a Charlotte Mason approach to education.

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[Stonechats Teaser] Wildwood Stonechats Teaser

A short teaser for our upcoming podcast where Marjorie Lang, co-creator of Wildwood Curriculum, muses on the differences between a Charlotte Mason education and a Waldorf approach.

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