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[Stonechats 13] Reading Problems with Kim Stoddard Part 1

Join us this episode and the next as we chat with reading specialist Kim Stoddard from Born 2 Read about reading problems, dyslexia, and strategies that parents can use when they and their children are struggling.

[Stonechats 10] Live Q and A

We hosted a Live a Q and A! Here are our responses.

  • 2:00 How do you organize everything?
  • 16:00 Is creative nonfiction the same as a living book?
  • 21:00 Are audiobooks living books? What is a living book?
  • 30:00 How do you balance teaching while still preserving “a quiet growing time”?
  • 38:00 How do you use KISS grammar?
  • 45:00 What can you do in the early years to create rhythm?
  • 55:00 Nature minutes

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