So Many Beautiful Resources

The Wildwood team spends hours and hours combing though resources looking for books that we think are worthy of the curriculum. Sometimes we stumble across resources we love, but don’t quite fit into the curriculum and we’ve decided to start gathering these resources in one place so that others can benefit from them.

These resources are completely extra! They are like the chocolate sprinkles on dessert – something completely extra and fun and perfect for those days when you need a break.

Note: These resources are not as stringently reviewed as the resources in the curriculum. As such, they may not be CMish enough, or they may contain content that isn’t as secular or inclusive as we would hope. In addition, different families appreciate different content. We highly recommend you review the suggestions before sharing these resources  with your family and friends!

Resources We All Recommend

  • The 1940’s HouseA tale of a modern family who must live in 1940’s London during the height of World War 2 Blitz.

Resources Jennifer Recommends

Resources Laurie Recommends

  • Podcasts
    • Circle Round
    • The History Chicks
    • History Storytime
    • Tumble Science
    • Science AAS (Science magazine)
    • Classics for Kids
  • TV/Movies
    • Wild Kratts
    • Animal Planet
    • BBC – You cannot go wrong with most of their nature shows
    • History Channel – you have to pick and choose anymore but there are some fun shows
  • You Tube
    • Art for Kids Hub
    • Art with Mati & Dada
    • BlueWorld
    • Snake Discovery
    • Animal Planet
    • Bestowing the Brush
    • Bill Vicars (signing)
    • John Muir (art drawing)
    • Prodigies Music
    • RMSCO (Rocky Mountain Deaf School – signing)
    • You are an Artist (Chalk pastels and not secular)
  • Kanopy Kids(through our library)
    • Bushwacked
    • most everything in here we like
  • Overdrive (also through the library)
    • Lots of kids books. We like the audio.

Resources Marjorie Recommends

Resources Miriam Recommends


Do you have suggestions that you think we might want to recommend? Comment below and we will check them out.

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